Transcription Options

Want to transcribe your audio files?  Here are some options:

1. Pop-up Archive – Free + Paid Options

This is amazing!  Not free (past one hour) but reasonable. However, they will deliver you a timestamped machine-transcribed transcript (voice recognition software) in as many minutes as your audio file is long. You can also tag it with a full set of metadata. Your audio files and transcripts are stored online publicly or privately, as you choose.

2. Transcribe– Paid

Also not free but reasonably priced. This tool allows you to dictate your audio as you listen and has tools to let you make corrections to the voice recognition as you go. $20 for an annual license.

3. Mac Native Dictation Free with Mac

Mac’s native dictation tool allows you to dictate in any word processing document using voice recognition software.

4. Dragon Speak Paid

Dictation tool works with Word, Google docs, etc. This is pricey desktop software.

5. Rev Paid

For a dollar a minute ($1.25 plus timestamp) you can get human-transcribed transcripts delivered within 24 hours, usually less.

Know of any other options? Share with Nina, and I’ll add to this list.